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Product specifications


The Thermo Pile 300 series has the widest range of applications in the production of specialist clothing, sportswear as advertising and working clothing. Thanks to high parameters and antipilling end-use finish it meets the specifications of the clothing producers whose customers have particular requirements.
The dyeing method and the application of the best dies available on the market makes our product compliant with the rigorous standards effective in the medical rescue operations. This material, thanks to its modern structure, enables skin to breathe freely, being at the same time very light and warm. Its thermo-active properties make the clothing absorb sweat and perspire it outside. It is also performs well as in outdoor clothing during cold days and evenings. An additional option of applying waterproof end-use finish makes Thermo Pile 300 a perfect match with the needs of producers of working clothing, advertising clothing and sportswear.


Photos of the material Thermo Pile Series 300

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1. Microscopic air capsule gives thermal isolation

    2. Thermo Pile fabric

3. Non pilling layer

    4. Sweat goes outside

5. Warmth stays close to body

Material properties

Thermo Pile Seria 300