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Technical drawing

Product specifications


It is compromise achieved between extreme properties of Thermo Pile 300 and Thermo Pile 100 polar fleece materials. The product gives warmth and wearing comfort in parallel to small material weight.
It is very warm, breathing-active and therefore it works very well as internal insulation or material used for making sportswear, working and advertising clothing. Thermo Pile 200 is smooth with anti-pilling finish, which prevents pilling of the material and our clothing remains as new for a long time. Its structure allows to keep it clean easily. It is possible to apply waterproof end-use finish.


Photos of the material Thermo Pile Series 200

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1.Microscopic air capsule gives thermal isolation

    2. Thermo Pile fabric

3. Non pilling layer

    4. Sweat goes outside

5. Warmth stays close to body

Material properties

Thermo Pile Seria 200