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Product specifications

(membrane and waterproof finishing)


Warm, waterproof and at the same time light and breathing-active – this is exactly Thermo Shell – the material of 21st century.
The flexibility achieved through the application of special fibres makes is more convenient to wear and guarantees above-the-average comfort. A polyester, 3-layer Thermo Shell gives better protection against chill, and high class polyurethane membrane protects against wind and rain. Exceptional tear resistance is appreciated in particular by the professionals who most frequently wear clothing made of this material. Thermo Shell is considered to be perfect material for sportswear and for people loving mountain climbing. Thanks to its structure Thermo Shell retains original dimensions after washing and drying, whereas dyes applied are safe for skin.
Thermo Shell is a knitted material whose usage is absolutely vital to the production of high quality clothing, giving ideal protection in extreme weather conditions.


Photos of the material Thermo Shell

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1. Waterproof membrane

    2. Micro polar fleece

3. Waterproof fabric

    4. Manages perspiraton

5. Warmth stays close to body

    6. Wind blocked by the membrane

Material properties

Thermo Shell Seria 10000