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Super Crystal product specification


Knitwear that is a sensation beyond the Ocean, extremely soft to the touch and stretchable in 4 directions (four way stretch). The biggest advantages, unfortunately, cannot be described or shown here due to the extraordinary delicacy of the fabric, whereas each product made from it becomes an absolute "must have" due to the incredibly nice grip. The most common question we encounter from our clients after receiving the sample is: "It’s a great fabric, but what to do with it": The possibilities depend on the designer's imagination: from children’s blankets and sensory toys to leggings, turtlenecks and blouses. It perfectly tolerates sublimation, which makes the spectrum of ideas unlimited. Easy to sew from, even easier to maintain.

Special dyeing technologies make Super Crystal resistant to loss of color saturation.


Photos of the material SUPER CRYSTAL

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1. Exceptional softness of touch

    2. Stretches in four directions

3. The possibility of sublimation

    4. Thermal properties

Material properties

Super Crystal