Product specifications


Thermo Pile, the lightest material in the polar fleece family, designed for intensive wear, is excellent for internal layer of outdoor wear and for light outer garment, for everybody who appreciates unconstrained movement.

Meanwhile Thermo Pile 100 is a thermoactive and breathing material, which is perfectly suitable for production of sportswear. It gives freedom of movement and is light in wearing. Thermo Pile 100  is shortly trimmed, with antipilling finishing and that is why we will easily keep our favourite sportswear clean. In professional applications it is appreciated for the feeling of thermal balance during physical effort. Upon customer request it is possible to apply waterproof end-use finish.



  1. Microscopic air capsule gives thermal isolation
  2. THERMO PILE fabric
  3. Non pilling layer
  4. Sweat goes outside
  5. Warmth stays close to body

Technical drawing

Thermo Pile

Material properties

Wind protection



Easy to wash

Keep warmth