Product specifications


The Fabric that conquers the world. Exceptionally soft and nice to touch, with characteristic “insets”. It is probably the nicest polar fleece material to touch. It is perfect for baby's blankets and toys. Easy in sewing, even easier to maintain. Perfect for frequent cleaning, because due to high basis weight it does not change dimensions after washing and drying. Thanks to special dyeing technologies Minky is resistant to the loss of colour saturation and pilling. It is irreplaceable as a material for bedding, pillows, toys and interior decorations. Minky is a material that stimulates imagination and offers huge opportunities for original product creation.


  1. Single-layer three-dimensional structure of a knitted bobble providing light weight material
  2. Air bags used to increase lightness and volume providing protection from the wind
  3. Breathability to prevent overheating and thermal comfort
  4. Maintain optimum temperature and protection from the cold

Technical drawing

Bubble Velboa

Material properties

Wind protection


Keeps warmth

Water protection

Easy to wash